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The Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6

The TR6 was introduced in January, 1969, using similar chassis and running gear components to those used in the TR5/TR250. However, the body work, while retaining some elements of the TR5/TR250 design, was externally restyled by Karmann. Apart from smoothing the lines of the car, the design changes also gave the car more boot space.

A front anti-roll bar now formed part of the specification and wider wheels were also fitted making the car look low, lean and very fast - which, of course, it was, courtesy of the TR5/TR250  smooth 6-cylinder inline 2498cc engine.  The powerful six-cylinder engine is a reliable unit, whether with Irish/UK-market Lucas fuel injection system(150bhp) or US-market carburetted (104 bhp) fuel delivery. The Irish/UK Lucas fuel  injected version was de-rated to 125 bhp in 1973 by  camshaft alterations and revised fuel injection metering. These changes made the TR6 smoother and more flexible. 
The TR6 was modified in several respects during its production run and the components affected include the gearbox (ratios) and the optional overdrive units (type A or J). The trim was also altered and an air dam was fitted below the bumper from 1973.

A useful option on the TR6 was the one piece detachable steel hardtop which easily converted the car to a neat sports coupe.

The two seats are comfortable and there is ample leg room. The trim  is functional, rather than fancy. The facia is neat and uncluttered, an endearing feature of most 1960s Triumphs. The wooden facia gives an air of quality. The rear end styling of the Karmann body work is as neat as that at the front, with flowing lines which incorporate the tail lamp units and rear bumpers. The luggage compartment is very roomy for that of a two-seater sports car and an improvement on the boot of earlier TRs. The extended body line gives greater capacity overall.

The TR6 came to the end of its production in July 1976 (February, 1975 for Irish/UK-market models). In all, 94,619 TR6 s were built, of which 86,249 found homes overseas, only 8,370 being sold in the Irish/UK market.

The car retained the appeal of traditional British sports models but had the additional, exciting element of being faster and more furious than many would-be rivals. This combination of tradition and power helps to explain its popularity today.


as James May Said " The blokest bloke car ever"
I'm not a tr6 owner yet but I've looked at a nice clean model but it's got a faint misfire, could be something simple but has anybody any horror stories I need to be aware of. Also clutch pedal a bit spongy, has had master cylinder replaced so probably just air but any other issues I should watch for?
If the car you mention is a PI, a common and fairly easy to remedy issue with regards to misfire is airlock in a pipe(s) between the metering unit and throttle body. Mine needed replacement plugs. Volumes have been written on the TR6 clutch and it could be something minimal and easy to fix to a gearbox out job. I would suggest joining the club (if you are not a member) and contacting Niall Callery or Derek Keogh BEOFRE you buy.
Already, first impressions of the website content are very impressive
Thanks Frank.
looked long and hard to get a good TR6, browsed ever forum to find what to look for and what to avoid.
i'd be empted to join your club but I'm wayyyyyy over on the other side of the country, all your days out are east coast.But i'll keep an eye on your site and if something comes up that I might get to i'll get i touch.
Been a tough start to my new venture, was going ok but the weather has completely scuppered any car hire.
i'll be taking the TR6 to the clasic and prestige car show in a couple of weeks to try and drum up some trade. Stop in for a chat anyone in the area.
Joseph, we are a 'nationwide' club and the resources, info and technical help both on site and from members say by phone worth the €35 surely. We have contacts that might get you better prices with parts and better suppliers than you may be aware of eg a metering unit from Rimmer is £271, I just purchased one through another club member for €115 who purchased that from the guy that supplies Rimmer. Alternatively say you had to replace your clutch, you may have to use a Borg & Beck....Members of the club can source original Laycock. I have just sold a member in Kinsale some seats. Are you hiring classic cars? where are you based?
M Foy about to start restoration of Tr6 and would welcome all information on suppliers and alternatives , built a rotisserie and getting ready for body off restoration as chassis is gone in usual places ,all information and technical sources locally in Ireland or abroad welcome 'Michael
Hi folks,
I have a misfire on my tr6, nly happens when hot and only under acceleration. I've a fuel presure gauge fitted, constant 108psi, nice clean spark. bit of wear in linkeage but fairly well balanced out and since this only occurs when hot i'm ruling that out. Original distributor with a bit of wear, electronic modiule fitted so no condensor points issue but maybe wear in shaft could cause this? Trawled the forums but so much misleading information ( don't want to be cruel but so many people posting silly suggestions to baic problems it's impossible to know whose advice is credible. I'm thinking of changing distributor. Lot's of options on ebay etc...any advice welcome.
many thanks joe in donegal.