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The Chat function

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The Chat function

What is it?
This is a group chat facility between everybody that is online at the time and has the chat window open.

Where is it?
Once your logged in you will see a Chat button bottom right of your screen.

Click on it and you will see the chat window - chat history on the left and who is actually online on the right (online members). This online members area is refreshed regularly (more so than the one on the Home page) so it is a better indication of who is online. NOTE you can also check the People page, users with a green dot beside them are online.

What do you do?
You enter your chat text in the small box at the bottom and press the enter key to submit it. After a few seconds it will appear in the chat history at the bottom of the list. If it does not appear click the chat button (chat window closes) then click chat button again, chat window will re open and re fresh.

How do others know a chat is in session
The little speaker button is a way to let users who have not got the chat window open that a chat is in session. If the speaker is on i.e. the red sound wave picture is displayed then each time you submit some chat text other users who have NOT got the chat window open will here a beep. So if ya here lots of beeps there is a chat going on. If you open the chat window and then close it agin the beeps will stop.
When the server is busy chat can be slow to respond.

The Grou.ps development team have informed me that this feature will be improved in May 2010.


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