About Us

    Our next  Meeting is  Sunday 25th March 10.30am  Weston Airport  

This Classic Car Club was founded in 1986 as the Triumph Classic Owners Club Ireland and has developed successfully ever since. Known as the TCOC. We started out with cars that were based on the Herald chassis. These included the Herald itself, the Spitfires, the Vitesse and the GT6. However, a number of other companies used the same chassis and we catered for these as well, e.g. the Bond Equipe. 

As membership grew other models were obviously popular with members and these included the Triumph 2000 range, the Stag, the Dolomite/FWD range and the TR range and these became the mainstay of the membership to this day. We also allow any other cars to go on our runs as it seems nowadays that members may have many tastes in classic cars. We hold regular meetings, the last Sunday of each month, unless there is a show taking place , please check events calender.  The bulk of the membership lives close to the Dublin area, although almost 30% of members are living outside this area. The venue for our monthly meeting is Weston Airport , Leixslip , Co. Dublin at 10.30am. Take exit 5  off the N4.  This will enable us to get a small run in and clock up some precious time in our cars. 

The club supplies membership cards, regalia, club newsletter, annual calendar and of course this website. The meetings and events provide the opportunity to get advice on classic car care and how to solve problems. Between events members can communicate via the Forum & Blogs on the club website. We also have up to 3 car assessments for members cars  each year , these have proved to be extremely popular - club experts examine your car and offer specific advice.  Many members have been involved with these cars for a long time and so can answer almost any question about Triumph cars.

Members cars and their conditions can vary quite a lot, from the basket case to the glass case, so don't worry about the condition of your Triumph. Most members restore their cars or try and buy the best example available, given their budget, at the time. Indeed the members are always delighted to offer advice to the would be purchaser, any excuse to talk about cars! We have many cars being restored at the moment which is very encouraging as this adds to the pool of cars. Most jobs that a 'would be' restorer encounters will have been dealt with by some other members, in the past. This type of thing is very helpful when trying to restore a car and we have it in abundance. 

As time passes, the club has made many contacts and these are very useful when running a classic Triumph, anything from the web to local suppliers. Many members carry spares of some sort and can be very handy in an emergency. When travelling around Europe it is also useful to have contacts or other classic car clubs near your route, again the club can help here. The club has enabled many people to keep their Triumphs going and also to bring many back from a very uncertain future. The plan is for more of the same so why not join us and become part of what has become the most successful single marque club in Ireland, featuring The Herald, Spitfire, Dolomite, 2000 Saloon, GT6, Stag, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR250, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR 8 and more.

The club has a committee in place , which is as follows


Chairman.........................  Joe Stevenson

Secretary..........................  Alan Quinn

Treasurer..........................  Luke Fenner

PRO ..................................  Brendan Fitzpatrick

Events coordinator  ......... Mick Mason


Non Committee

Newsletter.......................... Pat Stevenson

Club Gear..........................  Cecil Johnston / Derek Carroll

Website Admin (2)............  Stephen Grant / Cecil Johnston

If you have a question or would like to drop us a line, click here for our Contact page.